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New Book Announcement!

#John Williams | October 31, 2017

Greetings All,

It’s that time again. I am about to launch another book! The topic of this one is on Online dating titled “Winning At Online Dating.” Did you know that approximately 49,250,000 people have tried online dating? What I found is although there are books out there that try to help, the principles in my book can be used for both online and offline dating.

Sure, you post a profile and then what? What can you expect? Are there people on dating sites that are up to no good? Yes, absolutely. How do you spot them? These and many other questions I answer in the new book “Winning At Online Dating.”

Winning At Online Dating

Now before you jump to conclusions, all of you who have read my work know that when it comes to my books, there is more to the book than it’s title. That same method applies here. Here are a few topics covered:

  • We all think we know what love is, but do we?
  • Learning to be in an intimate relationship is a learned skill set and being successful doesn’t happen just because you want it to.
  • Like building a house, creating a healthy relationship requires many tools. What’s in your toolbox?
  • So you think you communicate well? Let’s put that to the test!
  • Everyday communication versus communicating within an intimate relationship are two different things!
  • If you are picking the wrong people, perhaps you need to reboot your data

These and many other topics are covered. That said, with your help, I’d like to do something different this time.

We all know that books are sold based on reviews. I would like to invite you all who would like a preliminary copy to kindly go to my website, send me a note that you would like a copy of the book and sign up with your email address. I will then send you a PDF copy in return for an honest review. When the book is published, I will send you an email with the release date of the publication. I ask you to download a free digital copy from Amazon and post your “Verified” review there. Is that okay? The book is not that long and will be a quick read. My goal is to receive at least 50+ reviews. Do you think we can make it? I do! Will you help?

Thank you all in advance for your support. I do appreciate it. There are no better people out there than my friends and readers!

Kind regards,
– John