John Williams


Go Slow To Go Fast

#John Williams | November 7, 2018

Have you ever had to do something significant and wanted to get it done quickly so that it’s off your plate? You did so, mistakes were made, and now you have to wait for two, to three times longer? I hate that! It happened to me.

I was trying to complete a pretty important task. There was a procedure that needed to be completed to accomplish the task but the process would take an additional twenty-four hours. “Unacceptable!” I shouted to myself, and I asked for an alternative. There was, and I took it. There was a glitch in the alternative method, and it will now take nearly a week and one half to do the same thing! Dang!

Had I just waited, I would have received the level of service that would have shortened the accumulative time by over seven days. Moral of the story is: sometimes you have to go slow, to go fast. Listen to your “inner man” or some might say your intuition. Its voice is never loud but the intelligence it may share could be very significant.

Sometimes, we all have a false sense of urgency. If we were to be honest with ourselves, the task at hand might not have to be done as early as we think and we really could wait the extra time. Be mindful of your inner man, listen and consider his guidance. It just may save you lots of time, aggravation and drama.