John Williams


Fear Not Keep Going Have Faith

#John Williams | September 30, 2018

It has been some time since I have written to you. It has been challenging these last few months. That said, I know that challenging circumstances will always come and it is how we respond to them that makes all the difference. Meaning, I am not discouraged or dismayed, and I think positive, uplifting thoughts. I choose the thoughts that I think about a given situation, and I don’t allow negative thoughts to decide for me.

Specifically, the “Wormhole Moon” project is moving forward but at a slower pace than I like. We are still in the process of making “Wormhole Moon” into a film. The first step is securing funding. We are working with an investor, and things haven’t entirely gone as planned. There is so much at stake and there are many people who will benefit as a result. Regardless, my belief is strong, and we know God did not bring us this far only to abandon us. I know that the funding is already here. I am resting as if it has already happened.

Perhaps you are in a similar situation. Maybe you have been working on, and believing for a specific outcome for a long time. Fear not. Keep going and have faith. The challenge is here to prepare you for the result. In other words, it’s just a part of the process or the journey as you are on your way to success. Hang in there and be sure to connect with like-minded people who can encourage you. If you do not have anyone, you can contact me!

I hope this helped and if you are interested, or would like to share a way to support us, here is the link to our Patreon page. Thank you for reading my post. Be encouraged and DON’T GIVE UP! You’re almost there!