John Williams


Don’t Give Up!

#John Williams | April 25, 2018

 We all find ourselves in a position when we will have to wait sometimes. Whether in a grocery store or at a big box store like BJ’s. However, what do you do when you’re waiting on something for your life that is entirely out of your control? Things like a reply from a new employer/publisher or an acceptance letter to a college or Masters program or diagnosis?

   There always comes a time when our patience is tested. Times when all you can do is pray and wait. Sharing with friends, family even your Pastor won’t help. It will simply take the time it will take, whenever that is. As humans, we like to be in control, we want all the information, and in instances like these, we just won’t get it. What do you do? How do you cope?

   When I was working, writing, doing all that I could do, I did not spend as much time in prayer as I should have. I know that having a time in the morning to connect and pray made my days go much better. Now, I have plenty of time. Now, I take the time to humble myself and wait. I seek guidance and direction. I do my best not to get frustrated over the things I cannot control and put my worries into God’s hands and leave them there.

   As for my daily routine, I try to be productive. I write the many projects I have to work on and look over plans that I have made to determine if there is something I might have missed. All this will help when the breakthrough comes.

   If you are in a similar situation, pray. Ask God if there is something that you should be doing that you aren’t currently doing? Is there something(s) that you have been putting off that you can revisit and make complete? Staying busy will help take your mind off of the time it is taking to receive your answer. Before you know it, suddenly, it arrives. In short, live your life and know that help is on the way. Don’t give up or lose hope!

Kind regards,