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Wormhole Moon Update – My Why

#John Williams | September 5, 2017

Greetings All, It has been a while since I have posted an article so here it is. I have been working hard on the second book of the “Wormhole Moon” series. The book is now at 62K words and counting. I am very proud of the content, and I trust all of my readers will … Continue reading Wormhole Moon Update – My Why

“Wormhole Moon” – Screenplay Official Announcement

#John Williams | May 11, 2017

I would be remiss if I did not mention that in some of those same reviews, readers stated they are looking for the second book and called for it to be made into a film.

“Paradigm Shift” Update – What’s to Come This Year

#John Williams | April 5, 2017

It’s been a while since my last post.

One More Day Until The Launch! – Hazel Ying Lee

#John Williams | March 16, 2017

In short, it is my hope that it will be the new primer on race in this country. Simply pointing our differences and complaining, never gets anyone anywhere. People to change things and create success for themselves and others, even in less than tolerable circumstances, are doers.