John Williams


faith & hope

#John Williams | February 3, 2018

Greetings, It is funny how life will challenge you as you pursue a goal. I was making great progress on some goals and boom! A number of weeks ago, my computer crashed, and I lost my contract. So what do you do? I say pivot. Work to recover what you can while at the same … Continue reading faith & hope

Happy New Year – Be Thankful For The Little Things

#John Williams | January 2, 2018

At the beginning of this year, may I suggest that you take the time to remember the small things that you were able to enjoy?

Happy Thanksgiving

#John Williams | November 23, 2017

Greetings All, It has been a year since my last Thanksgiving. This year I can say that I am in a much better place than last year. If I were to be honest, don’t we tend to look at our situations first? How about we not only give thanks for ourselves, but give thanks to … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Winning At Online Dating Is Free!

#John Williams | November 22, 2017

Greetings All, My latest book, “Winning At Online Dating” is free until this Friday at midnight. Get your copy today (Kindle Version). I have asked those who have read it what they thought and what I keep getting is: “It’s very interesting!” I have packed a lot of useful information in there that would benefit … Continue reading Winning At Online Dating Is Free!