John Williams


An Effective Editing Tool You May Not Have Thought Of

#John Williams | July 13, 2017

It is rare, but sometimes a tool or application that was intended for one thing can be used for another. Although I cannot take credit for what I am about to share, I am pleased to reveal that the tool I discovered is “Google Translate” for editing.

Wormhole Moon

When I edit my books, I use an app called “” before I send it to my editors. By-the-way, I use it especially when I am about to post ANYTHING to the internet.

Once my manuscript is ready, I send it to a type-editor (for grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc.) and then a regular editor (for continuity, flow, prose, readability, etc.). After that, I read it again about five times more. What is amazing is after my book has been published for two years, there are still some things, although not Earth shattering, that I would like to have caught. Had I used this tool during my editing process, I might have found these errors.

I am now up to the twelfth chapter in the second book of the “Wormhole Moon” series. I copied and pasted a part of the chapter into Google Translate and listened to it read my work. I was shocked at the missed words and words although correctly spelled were not the ones that I wanted. I am sharing this because perhaps some of you would benefit as I did. Here is how I do it:

  1. Go to Google
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see nine little boxes, click on those.
  3. It will open up the various Google apps. Look for the blue & white “Translate” App. Click on it.
  4. The Google Translate page will open. Click on the “Detect Language” icon on the left ad side. Select the language that you want on the right-hand side (English for me).
  5. Copy the text you want to hear and paste it in the field on the left-hand side. You will be able to post up to 5000 characters.
  6. Click on the little speaker (Listen) on the lower left-hand side.
  7. You will hear your text.

I make note of the mistakes, go back to my draft and make the necessary corrections.

I hope this helped. If you have questions for further comments, would you kindly leave a comment? Thank you.

– John