John Williams


American Men Are In Trouble – Next Steps

#John Williams | March 14, 2018

Greetings All,
I saw a report by Fox News Journalist: Tucker Carlson, posted March 8, 2018, titled “Men In America.” I was astonished by what I heard. Here are some of the statistics:

– The average American man will die five years before a woman. Most likely cause? Addiction.
– They are twice as likely to be alcoholics than women.
– 77% of all suicides in America are men.
– There was a 43% increase in suicides from 1997 to 2014.
– 90% of all inmates are men.
– 1 in 5 children live with their mother.
– 7 Million working aged men dropped out of the labor force. Nearly half take pain meds on a daily basis.
– More young adult men are more likely to live with a parent than with a spouse or partner.
– Single women buy homes more than twice the rate of single men.
– Gender salary-gap is a myth. Single women now make 8% more than their male counterparts.
– 70% of men are overweight or obsess.
– 59% women are overweight or obsess.

This is a crisis that the media is deliberately ignoring or not very interested in. That said, I am seriously considering writing a book on the topic to highlight the issue and to discuss as to how we can change it. If there is anyone, male or female willing to assist, collaborate or is willing to help research, or is willing to help fund this project, I would much appreciate it. Please contact me. Let’s get this started!

Kind regards,