John Williams

John Williams – A 26+ year aviation professional, pet enthusiast, musician and writer who proudly lives in Arizona. John, with a team of professionals, produces informative books with refreshing content and style. I have published these Amazon 4+ star titles so far: “Take Charge of Your Aviation Career”, “Bichon Frise – Unique Among Dogs”, “Pomeranian – Breed Of A Queen”, “The Boxer Scholar And Clown”, “German Shepherd: Loyal, Powerful And Noble”, “The Bulldog”, and my first Sci-fi novel, “Wormhole Moon.” Mt latest is a book on the topic of race called: “The Falsehood of Perceived Significance Due to Race – Debunking Assumptions.” I am also working on the second book in this three book series: “Paradigm Shift – Wormhole Moon II”. I pride myself on producing a quality product that will educate and entertain my readers. I endeavor to add value to the marketplace in a new and fresh way. I also love to engage with my readers. For more information, kindly go to my author page: or contact me at