John Williams

John Williams – A 27+ year aviation professional, author, CEO and Executive Producer of Meritor Werk Ltd., LLC. John’s first, and very successful, Sci-fi novel, “Wormhole Moon” currently rates 4.8 Stars on Amazon. Readers have been calling for the film. The purpose of Meritor Werk is to bring the dream of making “Wormhole Moon” into a single feature-length motion picture.

John’s latest is the second book in this three book series: “Paradigm Shift – Wormhole Moon II” is completed and in the editing process. He is now working on “Wormhole Moon III – The Sedition.” John prides himself on producing quality stories and media that will entertain and excite his readers. His company Meritor Werk will always endeavor to add value to the marketplace in a new and fresh way. For more information on his books, kindly go to his author page: or contact John at